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( pronounced  as   lemcool ) 
DESIGN:  A diverse system intended to fit any budget. 

Maybe your needs are complex and 3D computer modeling  combined with construction drawing(s) is necessary to bring a concept to the visual reality you require. Perhaps a simple hand drawn sketch or a traditional plan view  drawing is all you need. Irrespective, we work with the customer to prepare a functional plan using sound design and art principals that are delicately blended with customer needs and environmental common sense. Finally, by maintaining strong relationships with our many local suppliers, we are able to virtually eliminate the need to carry any inventory. This allows us to truly practice what we preach and not feel pressured to design based on company inventory. Once a plan is conceived, we can provide detailed specifications and pricing, eliminating unexpected issues that could change a price once work begins. 

Your needs may be as simple as a single tree or as aggressive as a multifaceted property plan. Either way, we draw on decades of experience to provide what you need. All work is scheduled and completed with the personal attention of the owner , Tom Lehmkuhl