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( pronounced  as   lemcool ) 

We offer total care of your lawn area.  Cultural efforts such as organic topdressing,aerating and mowing are  blended with other professional applied products that will balance your lawns vigor with environmental common sense.
HomeAboutLandscape ServicesProperty Care ServicesGoing Green ServicesConsulting ServicesContact 


Pruning and Trimming:

We provide trimming and pruning of shrubs and small    trees and can recommend arborists to assist you with larger trees. 


Is a terrific way to control weeds in planting beds, add organic matter to the soil, and preserve soil moisture. There are several concerns about recycled or dyed mulch so we avoid them. Pure cedar mulch has worked well for us but we have several other options to meet your needs.

Deer Control:    

We love Bambi but she tests our patience! We have a proven method that will prevent your gardens from becoming the favorite local deer eatery and it doesn't include ugly deer fencing! 

Integrated Pest Management: 

The common sense environmentally friendly approach to plant health and pest management.